Using shea butter for keratosis pilaris is a natural and effective remedy to manage those awful bumps!

Using Shea Butter for Keratosis Pilaris | Natural Remedy that Works!

Using shea butter for keratosis pilaris is a natural and effective remedy to manage those awful bumps!

You know those small red rash-like bumps that some people (or maybe you) have on their outer upper arms? That’s keratosis pilaris and it’s fairly common. It doesn’t only affect the upper arms but most people have it on this area.

Keratosis pilaris is not harmful but it sucks! It mars a flawless appearance and if you scratch it, it can turn red, painful and pus-filled. There are quite a few remedies out there for keratosis pilaris and one of them is the oh-so-soothing shea butter!

Shea butter is a natural plant butter extracted from the dried nuts of the Shea tree. It’s manually harvested by African women, who’ve been using it for centuries. It’s an excellent moisturizer and what makes it super amazing for keratosis pilaris is that it doesn’t clog pores! I’ve tried using other oils but shea butter is the one that won’t clog up that delicate sensitive skin.

Did you know that keratosis pilaris is actually influenced by genetics? My sister and cousin also have it. It’s so frustrating but thankfully, I don’t have to worry anymore! The most effective remedies to keep your white/red bumps under control is using shea butter and sugar scrubs.

Use the sugar scrubs in the shower at least every three days and the shea butter, you can use it every night after your shower. If you want to know how to use shea butter for keratosis pilaris, below are some effective ways:

How to Use Shea Butter for Keratosis Pilaris

1. Direct Application. I’m always someone who uses minimal ingredients on my body. And when you have sensitive skin issues like acne/keratosis pilaris, by all means use miminal skin care products. What I mean is, I don’t go ahead and slather different products on my body. I stick to homemade stuff and even if it’s homemade, I make sure not to mix up a whole lot of ingredients. So simply slathering a suitable amount of pure shea butter on your keratosis pilaris can be very effective in reducing inflammation and redness. It’s best when you use it in the shower before toweling off.

2. Tea Tree Oil Mix. Tea tree oil is very good at treating keratosis pilaris! It’s a powerful disinfectant that fights off bacteria and germs. What’s more is that it’s also a good anti-inflammatory substance. It reduces inflammation, hence reducing the appearance of keratosis pilaris.

3. Sugar scrub. My sugar scrub just consists of ½ cup of fine white sugar, ¼ cup of liquid coconut oil and a few drops of rosemary oil or dried rosemary powder. But you can definitely make a DIY Shea Butter Scrub (follow the link to go to my recipe). It’s much better since shea butter won’t clog your pores like coconut oil.

Where to Get Shea Butter

Always purchase 100% pure high quality shea butter, without any additives. I like shea butter that comes in a jar for easy application. You can purchase Molivera Organics Shea Butter or Perfect Body Harmony Shea Butter! Both come in a UV protectant jar and can keep your shea butter fresh for long! I also love Better Shea Butter’s Unrefined Shea Butter. I’ve been using it for long and it’s a great brand! It comes in a 1 pound packet.

shea butter molivera

better shea butter

So those are my three easy and effective ways of using shea butter for keratosis pilaris! Do you have any other remedies for this skin condition? Please share below!