Shea Butter and Low Porosity Hair | Does it Work & How to Use

If you’re a naturalista, then you’ve probably already carried out the Hair Porosity Test. Don’t know what that is? It’s a simple test to see what kind of porosity your hair has. There are three kinds: high, normal and low porosity. Most Type 4 natural haired gals have low porosity hair.

Here’s how to do the Hair Porosity Test: Put a few strands of your clean hair into a glass of water. After like 30-60 minutes, come and check whether your hair is floating, has sunk or is in the middle. If it’s floating then you’ve got low porosity. In the middle means normal porosity and sunken means high porosity.

Each has their own pros and cons but let’s look at the ones for low porosity hair, shall we?

Pros of Low Porosity Hair

  • Once you get it moisturized well, lo-po hair retains the moisture very well.
  • It’s highly resistant to heat damage.
  • You don’t need to do a lot of protein treatments because it has a good protein balance.

Cons of Low Porosity Hair

  • Can be really dry – has a hard time absorbing moisture & oils.
  • Very prone to product build-up.

Using Shea Butter for Low Porosity Hair

Okay, now you know the pros and cons of your lovely hair type, let’s check out how shea butter is going to help it out!

Shea butter is a all-natural plant based butter. It is very nutritious since it contains lot of vitamins like A,E,K and F. Shea butter is rich in fatty acids (that’s vitamin F) that makes it a super duper sealant. So how does it help low porosity hair? You got that right. By acting as a sealant. You should try hard to seal moisture into your hair and shea butter will help you with that.

How to Use Shea Butter for Low Porosity Hair

So how exactly do you use shea butter for low porosity hair? Well, you can use it directly on your hair when it’s damp.

When you have low-porosity hair, a good moisturizing regimen is to rinse your curls in water daily then apply a tiny amount of shea butter on it to lock in the moisture.

Another way to use shea butter for low porosity hair is to make a shea butter mix. Use the mix in place of 100% pure shea butter. When you make a mix, it’s easier to apply, smells better and has more nourishing and moisture-sealing ingredients. I love this DIY hair cream from Beautymunsta as a natural sealant after rinsing out natural low porosity hair. It’s awesome so check it out. Otherwise, use plain shea butter – it’s your choice!

Where to Get Shea Butter


Guys, don’t forget to use quality shea butter. Use only 100% pure unrefined shea butter. You don’t want to use a shea butter that has other additives like mineral oil, parfum and waxy stuff. That’ll just add to product build-up on low porosity hair. A good shea butter I love is from Perfect Body Harmony. Its odor is not overpowering plus I like that you can just scoop some shea directly from the jar. It’s very convenient.